Discovering United Nations AGENDA 21 Read it. THINK.

United Nations Conference on Environment & Development

Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992: The First Earth Summit. 

From That "Summit" came the New World Order's 351 page Agenda 21 plan to use the Environment to subjugate the nations of the world, especially the United States to the One World Fascist Corporate State. The link above will take you to the UN pdf of that document. I implore all who care about moral, ethical and family values, which we as Americans hold dear to read this document. It's basis is as absurd as it's intent is obvious.  Norway Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland was the assistant executive of the conference, leader of the Brundtland Commission and the Vice-President of the World Socialist Party. When she was questioned by Brazilian reporters after speaking at the conference and asked if what they were proposing didn't have a particular resemblance to the agenda of the World Socialist Party she said, "Well. of course."  It was reported in Brazil but not by the American press.

Some of the highlights of the plan include:

- Creation of a UN Military, with army, navy, air force and nuclear weapons. [this is already near manifestation. NATO has long been the military arm of the UN]

- Deployment of US forces as UN forces throughout the world. [This is already a historical fact. President Clinton and then General Colin Powell delegated troops to the UN in 1995. The troops were put in UN uniforms and placed under a foreign commander. That is high treason, an illegal order.] But it was not the first use of the American military for UN actions. One of the most damning illegal uses of the American military for UN objectives was the total destruction of the infrastructure of Katanga in 1962. American bombers and American troops were used to devastate the country, disarm it's populous and murder thousands of civilians of that peaceful democratic nation.

- Gradual disarmament of all nation states, including the United States to make the UN military unchallengeable.

- Outlawing all private ownership of firearms to disarm "citizens" of all nations.

- Establishment of an international criminal court

- Establishment of a global UN police force with all local law enforcement under it's control

- Imposing draconian regulations on all human activity under the pretext of protecting the environment

- Destroying all property rights. All property becomes the property of the UN corporate state.

- Forcing relocation of large human populations to create "Wildlands" for UN-designated animal species.

-Imposing global "Carbon Taxes" on all fuels, a "Toban tax" on all financial transactions and a host of other taxes.

- Population controls, including mandatory abortion laws, akin to UN approved China's one child policy.

- Un supervision of all schools and bringing all education under the jurisdiction of UNESCO.
- All parents licensed and claim UN "protective" authority over all children

- Striking down all laws against pedophilia/pederasty and homosexuality
- Expanding the practice of euthanasia and assisted suicide

- Promoting paganism, "New Age" religion, occult and Luciferianism [satanic] under the guise of promoting peace, brotherhood and "Global Ethic"

Just a bit of the intent of Agenda 21. Actually much of this plan has been being implemented. Many of the proponents of this grand plan are citizens of America, but not at all American. Then President George Herbert Walker Bush, February 1, 1992 in a speech at the United Nations: "It is the sacred principles enshrined in the UN Charter to which we will henceforth pledge our allegiance." That my friends is High Treason.
That FDR, the Congress and the Senate empowered a foreign power over our nation and through NATO over much of our military was and is HIGH TREASON. They were and are all traitors!

Michael A. Turley

Dixie Lee Ray (1914-1994)

US Atomic Energy Commission Chair
Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
17th Governor of Washington
Rosa Korie

Behind the Green Mask


How Agenda 21 is Implemented Locally

UN Sustainable Development: Agenda 21
The policies of Agenda 21 were being implemented in the 1970's as "Smart Growth" policies, which were first championed in California  and Oregon and spread across the nation. Restrictive zoning laws, which deterred urban growth for all except the wealthier.
President Clinton established the President's Council on Sustainable Development [PCSD] June 1993 with it's stated agenda: To Advise the President on sustainable development and develops bold, new approaches to achieve economic, environmental, and equity goals. We are committed to the achievement of a dignified, peaceful, and equitable existence.  The PCSD is a clique of cabinet members, CEO's and non-profit groups that work tirelessly and finance Agenda 21 objectives, using your tax dollars. To pursue this plan a multimillion dollar grant was given to the American Planning Association for the design of a legislative guidebook to be used by every city, county and state to implement Agenda 21 initiatives. The document is titled: Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook: Model Statutes for Planning and the Management of Change. On the American Planning Association website they state; The culmination of a seven-year research project, Growing Smart contains the next generation of model planning and zoning enabling legislation for the United States.
This guidebook contains sample legislation, ordinances, rules, regulations and statutes for the General Plans for every city and county of the United States. It is the bible of the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives, which is carrying out the goals of UN Agenda 21 locally.  There are well over 1,000 city and county members nationwide, paid for by your tax dollars.
Every school and institution is using Growing Smart in their curriculum. A typical government indoctrination technique.
The inner city planning and development here in Las Vegas and in cities across the nation are building commercial, industrial and multi-residential land rezoned for "mixed use."  Nearly all of this new development approval was for development designs with ground floor commercial or retail with a few stories of residential above the ground floor. It requires a density of population and many of these projects went bankrupt, because there were no one in the residential floors to support the commercial ground floor. Redevelopment funds were depleted affecting funding of all other municipal and county services.
So what to do?  Well, one example here in the Valley is the Healthy Food resolution. By disguising the Growing Smart plan as a development of access to healthy food to combat obesity and unhealthy choices and encourage physical exercise through more liberal rezoning and regulatory measures the stage is set for this "stack'em" sustainable development objective that sets up "modular" sectors or wards if you prefer.  It will begin with the low income areas under the guise of providing better access to healthy foods,  goods and services. Once implemented [according to the Growing Smart Guide] laws will be rewritten to "Fit" the modular, sustainable development design and all urban communities will be brought into the blueprint for sustainable land application.
This is why the Housing and Urban Development is being partnered with the Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency for the first time in the history of development grant applications. It is a "get with the program or starve" coercion to force local, county and state governments to comply with the Growing Smart Agenda 21 objectives. Once the objectives are reached the grant grabbing local and county councils will no longer be necessary, because only the enforcement arm will be necessary. You will need "credits" for food and services and permits to travel beyond your "modular" zone. You won't need cars. Public transportation will become the only means of travel except for bicycles or walking. You will only need the goods and services provided within your quarter of a mile or so "cage."  As it is implemented the industrial needs of the plutocracy will be met by having the work force for various production and other services relocated into the module which provides them to give workers better access to their respective "Jobs."
Human Habitation is being restricted to Urban Growth Boundaries of the city. That means that we will all be forced into this "modular" blueprint for Sustainability. Urban Growth Boundaries have been more and more restricted and what land & how land can be used has become a feature of ordinances, legislation and building codes. Today's 'Advocacy' is just another word for lobbying, influencing and sometimes strong-arming the public and politicians. What do such national groups like Complete Streets have to do with bicycling? 
Thunderhead Alliance and others have training programs teaching the members how to pressure for redevelopment and training candidates for office. It is not about bike lanes or healthy food access. It is about remaking cities and rural areas to the "sustainable model."  Concentration of populations into urban blocks without parking for cars called "transit villages."  It is intended to have whole towns torn down and rebuilt in the image of 'sustainable development.'
The plan is a total life plan, involving the educational system, energy, transportation, food access, health care, food production, natural resources, the means of production, the governmental system and more. It is a plan to inventory and control all of the natural resources, means of production and human beings of the world. It is a plan to restrict your choices, limit your funds, restrict your freedoms and end your having any voice in matters.
The method of lowering standards of living to make sustainable development equitable is by creating a "concensus.' using the Delphi Technique. Another is having non-governmental groups go into schools to train our children. Private grants and funding to further the agenda.
As usual what they tell you this is about; such as protecting the environment, greater access and healthier life style, is precisely the opposite of their goals.
Local politicians are government educated as most of us were and led into believing it is for the good of their communities, while ending their relevance and assuring that their communities will no longer have any local voice. The city, county and state governing bodies fail to see that they and their children nor their children's children will be included in the 500,000 to 2 billion "chosen" to live in "sustainable" perfect harmony with nature. Nor will the majority be more than workers for the supra-elites they serve.
Do the local, county and state leaders even read the UN Charter or the UN Sustainable Development; Agenda 21 and understand the President's Council on Sustainable Development or the American Planning Association Legislative Growing Smart Guide Book or the stated objectives of the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives and understand the big picture?  Are they all so self absorbed that they cannot imagine that they are not being useful tools in their own demise and the end of liberty for those they are supposed to serve?  I would certainly like not to believe that they are that naive.  I don't believe they would intentionally deprive themselves and their neighbors liberty for the sake of those who do aspire to be their masters and ours.