Open Letter to the Republican National Committee

Reincee Prebus
Republican National Committee
PO Box 96994
Washington, DC 20077-7556

Dear Mr. Prebus & the Committee,

Let us not pretend that I abandoned the Republican Party. For in truth the Party abandoned America in 1861 and never returned to American values. The Democratic Party adopted the socialist/communist platform before the turn of the 20th Century. The only difference being the terms used as the Republican Party became the Fascist Party openly after George Bush, Sr's pledging allegiance to the "sacred principles" of the United Nations' Charter in February 1992.  The New American Century group, Common Core evangelist Bill Ayers and a host of others completing the destruction of America and those of us who are still Americans. No sir[s} and madam[s] I have not abandoned the Republican Party. Both Parties abandoned America decades ago.

Obviously you do not read or pass on your mail or you would have read the following and many other letters I've sent. For your reading enjoyment I will resubmit the last missive I sent to you, who are willfully destroying our great nation:

The unethical practices of YOU and the Committee at the 2012 National Convention was unnecessary and immoral.  You and your cronies intentionally divided the party to assure that Romney had no chance of winning the White House.  You know it and some of us who understand what is really behind the manipulations of our government against Americans know.  The teleprompter dictating the calls at the podium. Barring the Ron Paul delegates from the Convention Hall. There was no chance Paul was going to win the nomination.  But his delegation would have turned to the Republican Candidate as Congressman Paul had already asked them to go with whomever won the candidacy. Instead of following an honest path to keep the integrity of the party you and your thugs made it impossible for those of us who are striving for honesty, morality and ethical pursuit of a better tomorrow to have any confidence in the political process.

Then to make matters worse you personally come to Las Vegas like a thief in the night to bribe and make deals with a handful of unscrupulous state party leaders to get the nomination to retain your position as National Committee Chair.

This is the immoral and unethical corruption that is making the Republican Party irrelevant and turning DC into a Soviet Style government. [If you don't know what a soviet government is look soviet up in the dictionary. It is a form of socialist dictatorship in reality]. Benito Mussolini Said that Fascism would better be called Corporatism, because it is the merger of corporations and The State. Americans now unwittingly live in a Fascist State.

You epitomize what is wrong with our political process. You and your cronies may as well announce your collusion with the DNC.  What makes it worse is that you do not see the ignorance of the methods you employ.  I suppose it is to be expected that every generation will be less intelligent than their fathers when the culture of corruption becomes the conventional wisdom.  But your arrogance is no less than that of the DNC sophists.  It insults the intelligence of those of us who can "think" and offends every American value. The leaders of both "Parties" have pledged their allegiance to the globalist fascist agenda without realizing that ultimately it is unsustainable.  It may take decades for the peoples of the earth to realize that there is no humanity left in their masters, but the day of reckoning will come.

Sadly you who are useful tools of those who are the true masters think you are among the elites and will prevail with your masters.  History does not support that.  But you are blind to truth and self-indulgent.  It will leave your children and their children in a worse world than the one from which you came.  

You and your thug masters should be ashamed. But you have demonstrated you have no shame.  A man evolves spiritually throughout his life. We become better humans through that journey, no matter the failings behind us, or we descend into the abyss without the humanity that separates us from other species on this planet. What you cannot see is that you are not bound to only your cronies puppets and masters, but to the whole of humanity. Whether you like it or not. Whether I like it or not.  Take a good look within.., in the mirror if you will, without the illusion you've created. What do you see? That is the measure of a man. It is not what he thinks of himself to this world. It is not what his colleagues think.  It is not others or even the illusion he presents of himself, but what he sees when he has the courage to face himself as he really exists. That is when a man begins to understand humanity and has the courage to face other humans as a human being.  You cannot grasp the simplicity of the journey is always striving to be a better human being not grasping for material gain and power.

You and your criminal cohorts have already decided who will be the candidate in 2016. You know it and a few Americans still "Thinking" for themselves know it.

I mourn for my country. It was shaped into something I did not want to believe long before I was born. I mourn for you who have forfeited your humanity for that which you will not be able to rationalize when your life is ending.  No memorial can absolve what a man knows of himself.  What those of earth see has no baring on what he knows of himself.  It has nothing to do with man's religions or lack thereof.  It has all to do with the man, his own spirit and his humanity. For ultimately every individual will judge themselves.

As for your "SURVEY," I am an American. Government has no place in dictating to a free people. That is Fascism. We live in a Fascist State. You know it. Some Americans know. If you continue down this path void of humanity there will be no human species on this planet. If that is your goal, you are doing a very good job of contributing to the elimination of the human species.

Michael Allen Turley
Las Vegas, NV 89118