All Government Requires Administration

Government, All Government, Any Government, Necessarily Requires Administration by Someone or Some Group of Someones to Oversee and Administer Management.

George Washington, the first official President of the Union of Sovereign States of the Constitutional Republic stated bluntly that, "All government is by force."

So you see Mao was not the first leader who stated that rule was at the point of a gun. It has been clear to every leader throughout history. From the cave clans to the "civilized" modern governments, no matter whether parliamentarian or dictatorships it has long been clear to every leader that government is rule by force. Every attempt to limit the force of government and rulers has failed. Ask yourself why?

I am not going to go into a long treatise on why every government results in the evolution of despotism. Because it is a natural phenomenon not an anomaly of nature. There will always be those who think they are better qualified to tell you how to live, eat, sleep, breathe and manage every facet of your life than yourself. There will always be those who aspire to rule for their own self indulgence and self adulation. Once the zeitgeist of a culture becomes numb to the ministrations of their governing overlords there will always be a Machiavellian type prepared to do whatever he or she pleases at your expense and sacrifice of your "natural rights."

No man, woman or group of any of these are qualified to dictate your life. Let me repeat that more simply: NO ONE IS BETTER QUALIFIED TO RUN YOUR LIFE THAN YOU!

I am going to give you one microcosm example of how delegating authority to a small group of individuals always leads to abuse of authority and you can expand that to whatever hierarchy you can dream up to see how natural it is for Man Made Rules to blind humans to the laws of nature; i.e. Natural Law. HOA's, Home Owners Associations. They tell you what you can paint your house, sometimes inside and outside. They dictate how you can decorate, how you must keep your lawn, you driveway, your garage and every other aspect of the place you call "your home." So is it really your home? Regardless of whether you are an owner or renter you soon realize that the authority of the "elected" board has exceeded the powers you intended to bestow upon them and all too often a hired management company is actually dictating the rule of the board. And State laws support these micro-governing boards, that have the authority to impose sanctions, even levy fines, force evictions and dictate rental agreements right down to what must be the minimum rental fee. Worse still they get away with it because YOU do not exercise YOUR natural rights. Expand that to every sort of government left to it's own agendas and you can see where it leads to abuse of power by the very nature of letting Man hold power over Man.

Every man made tragedy is the result of Humans defying the Natural Law.

Sadly history proves out that EVERY attempt by Humanity to delegate authority to a FEW always ends in corruption and despotism. The reason is too simple for the educated pseudo-intelligentsia [over educated imbiciles] to explain even if they wanted you to understand why. Just as Natural Law supersedes Man Made Laws it is a natural trait of those who aspire to power to desire total power. Some will "desire" acceptance by the masses, others will lie and cheat to be accepted by the masses and still others will simply dictate to the masses whether they are accepted or liked. But the common denominator is a lust for power over others.

So what must the individual do to protect their Natural Right to individual freedom and liberty? First and foremost the individual must have the courage to allow others to be free. That is a tall order. Second one must always be vigilant and skeptical of any governing board regardless of how small or large. Only the FAMILY unit is capable of any semblance of group justice without a great deal of individual compromise of opinions and ideals. It stands to reason that to avoid diminishing the importance of individual freedom all governing bodies should be as limited to locality and lack power to over-ride the Natural Law. The only way that there can be any hope of that is to avoid centralization of power at all costs. The key to homogeneous interaction is community or as I call it "The Village." For that to be workable the State must not dictate to the village. The National must not dictate to the state or the village.

There is no such reality in nature as Social Justice. Study any Social species and it becomes abundantly clear that in nature there is no such thing as Social Justice. Thus, in Natural Law, which is omnipotent over the ideals of Man there will never be Social Justice, nor is any government or ruler about to aspire to Social Justice. It is an illusion. A propaganda of wannabee rulers.

The most difficult concept for mankind is individual freedom in spite of the fact that Natural Law supersedes all Man Made Laws by Mankind's very natural overpowering instinct to be FREE.

"It is hardly to strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be MASTERS." - Daniel Webster