I Am Michael

I am a Vietnam Combat Veteran.  I served on Swift Boats primarily in Chu Lai 1967/1968.  I am a college grad with a grad degree in Law.  I refused to pursue admission to the bar, because that fraternal order does not protect Americans or American Interests.

I have been actively trying to awaken the American Public to the diabolical crimes being committed daily against the public by those entrusted with protecting and defending all Americans.  This site is a culmination of nearly 60 years of digging into historical events for truth that was not to be found in our institutions.  Our "Conventional Wisdom" is manufactured by social designers and behavioral scientists through a maze of paradigm shifts to have us think and do as the omnipotent government would have us believe.  That my friends is the working man's suicide.

I am Michael.  I am a human being.  I am obedient to no man or group of men.  I owe allegiance only to God.  I need no credentials or permits to use my mind and set forth to share truth and verifiable facts.  Here is testament of a well read, liberal arts education you cannot find in our corrupted institutions of learning [sic] nor from the pseudo-intelligentsia that prevails in those mockeries of education.  Indoctrination and propaganda is not educating.  It is perverting.  It is creating a culture of dumbed down sociopaths by an elitist establishment of sociopaths.  The patients are running the asylum.