Trying to Keep You In The Know With What The Government is Attempting to Do To Us Now

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Grassfire Update
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is attempting to ram through another massive tax increase on the backs of American consumers who use the Internet for purchases…

And he’s doing it RIGHT NOW!

 “The Marketplace Fairness Act” (S. 743), would mandate that businesses to collect sales taxes for all of America’s estimated 9,600 state and local taxing authorities!

         The complexity to comply would raise consumer costs, and force small and medium-sized businesses to keep track of thousands of different tax codes to do online business – a move that will likely crush small business. This complexity
         could force businesses to stop selling out of state, stunting growth and driving down the economy!

         And for those unwilling to comply, bureaucrats will have the authority to levy stiff penalties and interest on top of the tax bill!

         Small business owners also oppose the plan saying it forces them to shift their focus from innovation and growth to complying with complicated tax codes from each individual state.

Grassfire has launched this EMERGENCY petition – to give free-market consumers an opportunity to challenge Reid, by opposing this latest tax-hike scheme.

I’ve already added my name to this important petition and I’m urging you to do the same.

Click below to add your name to our petition opposing “The Marketplace Fairness Act” – which in reality is simply an Internet Sales tax that you will be paying!


Michael Turley