The definition is stated as "a person of a town or state or of a sovereign, who owes allegiance to that government." abridged, but accurate.

So why do "citizens" of any government no matter how large or small, by whatever governing body imagine they have any individual
"rights" or are sovereign entities? Does the fact that Corporations have the same standing in the courts as any Citizen in spite of the fact that they are soulless, bodiless entities not cause you to suspect that something is terribly wrong with this picture?  Whenever you appear in any court or sign any "legal" document, no matter what the issue or contract, no matter whether you are a "Plaintiff," a "Defendant." or a signer you will be legally "SMITH, John" with your last name first in all upper case and first name upper & lower case. Most Americans do not understand the significance of this. It identifies you as an entity of the Corporate State or, if you prefer, a Citizen of that locality, State & Nation. Meaning you are OWNED, literally, by the Corporate State. It is an identity recognizing your owner. Just as is your Certificate of Birth and Social Security Number.

This is not an opinion it is a well known FACT of any literate government agent, especially those who own them.
Want to run a test? Try to enter and follow through on any court document without putting your name last name first in caps and then first name. If your surname is not first and in all caps you will find it impossible to continue in pursuit of court resolution of anything. Try putting John Q. Smith [your name as you write it usually] in the identification of Plaintiff of a court submission. It won't fly. The clerk will take it and it won't go anywhere unless or until you "correct" the filing, because you are not identified as a legal entity of the locality, state or nation. In some cases it will lead to the court filing a suit against the "Estate of" the legal citizen you were. because the local, state and/or federal will presume the legal citizen deceased. Sound absurd? Of course, but it happens more often than you might imagine to those who understand "Citizen" and try to regain their individual sovereignty. Since they, as sovereigns, have no standing in the Corporate State they are not entitled to own anything or function within the Corporate State. Many of these liberty minded people are evicted from homes they own outright and their property is auctioned by the court, which does not even have a clear title to the property.

Don't doubt this. I know several who are now living where possible because they've been evicted from paid in full property they thought they owned. They soon discover that they do not even own themselves and that as far as the government is concerned they are deceased.

These people are now put in the position of having to use their "clear Title" to the property to challenge the court protected Corporate State. The purchaser of the auctioned property is put in the position of a faultless, but impotent, pawn in a court case that can be drawn out for years, if the true owner of the property files within a State statute time limitation. Now how will a sovereign recover any standing in the Corporate State as a non-citizen presumed deceased? Interesting and almost impossible. So far I don't know anyone who has recovered anything without first recovering their "Citizenship" and filing as the corporate entity.

So any of you who imagine that you have any "inalienable Rights" or "Natural Rights" in America, or ever did, you are sadly mistaken.