United Kingdom Gov't Archieves Hold U.S. Social Security Files...

Along with Britain and Northern Ireland U.S. Social  security files are kept and administered by UK.

USA Still United Kingdom Owned?
This United Kingdom Government Archive shows that our Social Security Numbers are in UK Government files along with Ireland's and Britain's. Make's it pretty clear that we are still colonies

UK Gov't Archives

Be certain to read the information, follow the schedules #1 and #2 of this UK government archive. It is very telling. Evidently we are being held as collateral. No point making a big deal out of Independence Day until we are no longer colonies of the United Kingdom. Seems the old British Empire took a paradigm shift into a new entity when they began calling it the United Kingdom. Kind of a shift into a global kingdom that will become the United Nations or some other appropriate moniker for the New World Order.
So now we know why they have omitted so much from the Treaty of 1783 after the minimum rewording in 1814. Many have suspected a sleight of hand, but here's about as clear a picture as one requires to make an intelligent summation. The fortunes of the East India Company prevail.