Pop Culture

Often times, throuought history, we find again and again that popular culture defines any given geneartion.  Music, art, books, movies, radio - these expressions speak volumes of those who lived and experienced them.  Unfortunately, another recurring theme we find in history is the manipulation of artists, writers, and entertainers to "behave," and "stick to the script," directed to them by those who elevated them to their fame and populairity. 


This page takes a look at some of the forces at work behind the hollywood facade, the role that pop culture plays in bringing about paradigm shifts and setting "socially accepted norms;" additionally, some of the historical voices who have been willing to speak on the real power structure.



"If I was the Devil"


~Paul Harvey

The American Dream

~ George Carlin

Reply to Hipocritical Hollywood Ads For Gun Free Zones

Satanism in Hollywood &

The Music Industry

Nicole Scherzinger: You Have to Sell Your Soul to the Devil