Environmentalists ARE Frauds

For years we've been inundated with GREENIE nonsense and lately how humans are the planet's #1 enemy. Well folks it is time that you STOP the nonsense! The Greenies are not about SAVE THE PLANET or anything even remotely like that. They are pawns of DELPHI for the Marxists. The 1992 Earth Summit in Rio was a Marxist/New World Order Global Warming plot. Carbon Credit Trade Markets should be enough to prove that is all a scam for anyone with common sense intelligence.

I will prove it. For over three decades we have had the technology to mass produce a SMOG free, totally environmentally unobtrusive AUTOMOBILE that functions as well or better than gas or diesel burning motors... WATER AND LATER SEA WATER. Not only that the only thing that has prevented the mass production and marketing of Water and/or AIR powered vehicles and further development of this technology has been the corporate giants and UNION stranglehold on manufacturing and industry and credit driven central banking fraud.

It is time to DEREGULATE and Dismiss the Unions and get this country producing again.



The next time some so-called PROGRESSIVE tries to tell you that we need to reduce the "Carbon Footprint" of humans ask them why not cut it by about 65% by doing away with Internal Combustion Engines and stop singing the Delphi song. Volcanos and brush fires contribute in one year more than the entire human race has added to the "carbon footprint" in human history. Get over it. The earth requires CO2 for life and the oxygen you breathe depends upon nature having CO2 to produce it. So quit going for the Carbon Exchange con and wake the hell up.

Why is there such a push for "electric" engines? They still require power plants to produce electricity to "charge" their batteries. Does that sound like we are reducing the problem or reducing the movement of ordinary people?


Michael A. Turley