Open Letter To Some of the Nevada Republican Party Leadership

Nevada State Republican Party Chairman Submits to Bribe and Nominates Preibus for Republican National Committee Chairman.
Michael McDonald (State Chairman), James Smack (National Committeeman), Jim De Graffenreid, Steve Donahue and Jesse Law met with Reince Priebus January 21st, 2013 at the Capitol Grille in Las Vegas to allow Priebus an opportunity to bribe the Nevada Republican Leadership with promises of restoring the national party's "flow of money" if the Nevada Republican Party would nominate him to retain his National Committee Chairmanship at the RNC Winter Meeting January 23rd - 24th in North Carolina.
In what James Smack discribes as "gaining respect" this contingent, meeting in secret, without inviting the Chairman of the Clark County Republican Committee to attend, made a pact with the very person most responsible for the diabolical pretending to be a Republican National Convention in 2012. How is it that the man WE called to resign in 2012 became OUR nominee for re-election? James Smack says that he is assuring us four more years to fight. How can he even imagine that being led nationally by the same man who manipulated the state delegations in 2012 [and defeat I might add] will be a better leader in 2016?  James Smack says it is because we have to compromise to get "respect" and claims that demanding Constitutional "Purity" is foolish. How does Smack translate cowardice and selling out as "respect." News for you James; Neither Preibus or the RNC has any respect for you or anyone who submits to their bullying. They own you. They know they can buy you. They know you are a coward who can be manipulated. Preibus counted on it. You and your clique went behind the backs of all the rest of us and did exactly what the elitest establishment wanted. Judas Goats. For a few pieces of silver.
You and your clique of Judas Goats made it virtually impossible to get a true Constitutional candidate nominated in 2016.
To add insult to injury we had to discover the betrayal from those from other states. Talk about being led by cowards. This clique of Judas Goats didn't even have the guts to report to us what they had done. Nice way to seek "respect" Mr Smack. You knew what you had done was wrong. That is why you did it in secret and kept it from the rest of us as long as you could. You, McDonald, De Graffenreid, Donahue and Law are perfect examples of the sort of corruption that destroyed the Constitutional Republic. I hope you are all proud of your contribution to selling out America to the Global Socialists.
Michael Turley
Las Vegas, NV