Our institutions of learning have been methodically converted from institutions of liberal arts education to behavioral modification laboratories, government indoctrination institutions.  The elitist establishment, led by philosophers, long ago decided that the common Man was incapable of managing their own affairs and certainly incompetent to govern themselves. So it became an imperative to employ "Social Designers" and behavioral scientists, who agreed with them to devise ways to invent government loyal citizens.

To do this required much thought. As all tyrants throughout history the first step was to make all information available to their tribe or "citizens" favorable of their ruler and created a great fear for being disloyal, as well as fear of not being "protected" by their ruler. Such is the necessity of every governing body from the family to the local, state and country. Thus all schools and institutions must proliferate the agenda of the ruler or governing elites.  So the only texts and teachings allowed to be shared with school children and "citizens" must be censored by those who agree with the ruler or governing plutocrats.

The only way to counter this elaborate scheme is to expose anyone daring enough to "Think for themselves" to the true facts and historical truths so desperately avoided by our establishment elites in hopes that by actual education of as many individuals as possible the bonds of the tyrant may be broken and individual liberty may become possible.

To that end this site is devoted. Nothing is more important than a well read public. Nothing is more dangerous to the would-be Masters than a well read public of "Individual thinkers" if those "thinkers" have ventured outside the "box" of government indoctrination. The information here is not intended to tell you what to think.  The purpose is to stimulate rational intellectual curiosity and encourage individuals to "Think" for themselves.

Warning: Many things herein will offend all you have accepted as truth. I am not here to make friends or be "nice."  Truth is not conventional wisdom and requires a callous adherent to facts. So much will be offensive to those who have always been "law abiding citizens" and convinced by the machines of their government that to be a civilized society the dictates of government must be the omnipotent and followed as if religiously. The problem is that this indoctrination is so prevailing that any thinking outside the "box" is modified or tailored to non-opposition to the reigning government in spite of the fact that it is the governing body or throne that is the problem, not the persons on the throne. Andrew Napolitano said, "it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." I would submit that the search for TRUTH is far more dangerous, because it so conflicts with what we have been taught to believe.

          - Michael A. Turley