New President of Yale University

Peter Salovey professor of psychology and Yale Provost has been chosen to replace Richard C. Levin by the Yale Corporation, Yale's governing board. He will become the 23rd president of Yale June 30th, 2013. Salovey is a prominent psychologist.
Salovey went to graduate school at Yale and earned three Yale degrees in psychology, according to the press release. He joined the Yale faculty as an assistant professor in 1986. He served as chairman of the Department of Psychology from 2000 to 2003, as dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences from 2003 to 2004, and as dean of Yale College from 2004 to 2008. He was appointed provost in the fall of 2008. [According to the press release]
Says Peter Salovey:
 The program of research conducted in my laboratory concerns two general issues in social/personality psychology: (a) the psychological significance and function of human moods and emotions and (b) the application of principles derived from research in social/personality psychology to the promotion of health protective behaviors.  
My research program on mood and emotion is focused on the psychological consequences of feeling states. The goal is to specify the processes by which affect influences thought and action. I view emotions as organizing processes that enable individuals to think and behave adaptively. This perspective can be contrasted with a more traditional one that sees affect as a disorganized interruption of mental activity that must be minimized or controlled. A conceptual model called Emotional Intelligence provides the framework that unifies our work. This perspective emphasizes the strategies that people learn in order to appraise and express their emotions accurately, understand the feelings of other people, regulate their emotions and the feelings of other people, and use emotion to motivate, plan, and achieve in life.
Salovey has authored or edited thirteen books translated into eleven languages and published more than 350 journal articles and essays, focused primarily on human emotion and health behavior. With John D. Mayer, he developed a broad framework called “Emotional Intelligence,” the theory that just as people have a wide range of intellectual abilities, they also have a wide range of measurable emotional skills that profoundly affect their thinking and action. He and Mayer's developmental theories have been integrated into education from kindergarten to adult education.

Thus we see the influence of Wundt's disciples, Dwight, Gilman and White still controlling the academia today. John Dewey would be so proud. [see The Leipzig Connection by Paolo Lionni]

Salovey lives in New Haven with his wife, Marta Moret, a 1984 graduate of the Yale School of Public Health. She is president of Urban Policy Strategies LLC, which provides program evaluation and technical assistance to community-based health organizations. Moret is also active with the Association of Yale Alumni and has served on its board of governors, according to the press release.

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