Nevada Guard Exercise Planned Through New Year's Eve

Posse Comitatus? Unconstitutional use of Military troops against or in civilian policing. Why, the answer is to acclimate us sheep to seeing our military engaged in a local law enforcement role.

Nevada Guard Exercise Planned Through New Year's Eve

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Posted: Dec. 27, 2012 | 4:33 p.m.

The Nevada National Guard will conduct its annual training exercise in conjunction with New Year's Eve events in Las Vegas with more than 200 troops at locations around the Strip, at McCarran International Airport and on standby around the valley.

The exercise, described in a news release from the Guard's headquarters in Carson City, is "an internal domestic operations" activity that will begin Sunday and run through Tuesday, New Year's Day.

The exercise will be conducted in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies with "the ability to provide the state additional reserve resources in case of any contingency," according to the Guard statement.

Participating in the special training weekend will be troops from the 152nd Security Forces Squadron, the 485th Military Police Company, and the 757th Combat Support Sustainment Battalion.

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