Segerblom Blocking Vote In Nevada Senate!!

On March 26th, we asked you to contact Representative Tobin, who was blocking HB 2573 from coming up for a vote.

The response was huge.

Activist Post, Western Journalism, Lew Rockwell Blog, and several other websites picked up the alert, which was seen by thousands of people across the Web. The Action Alert worked so well, according to our friends at Freedom Outpost, that Rep. Tobin did a 180 and changed his stance on the bill.

Now, State Senator Tick Segerblom is blocking Nevada's Anti-NDAA legislation.

The 2102 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) authorized the indefinite military detention, extraordinary rendition, and application of the laws of war without charge or trial of anyone, including U.S. citizens. SB378, once amended, will protect the rights of the people of Nevada. It has 16 cosponsors, including 14 Republicans and two Democrats, more than nearly every other bill in the legislature.

When PANDA Nevada's State Team Leader, Chris Corbett, met with Senator Segerblom last week, the Senator laid out a challenge:

"If people really care about this bill, they'll call me."

Tick Segerblom is playing games with our rights, and he has laid out a challenge. Let's show him we don't play games with our unalienable rights... (Read More)


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