The time has come to end the insane trek into the abyss. Let those who are following the criminal actions of a few, who believe that they are better than their serfs and demand their followers and all others to subjugate themselves to their will to steer a course to rational intellect. No more being dragged into self doubt and dependence upon those who bear you ill will. Those who have historically demonstrated their disdain for all that is American, but most of all the people of this nation. The Government is not our nation, although the establishment tries mightily to make us all dependent upon it's dictates. But they who demand our dependence upon their dictates never have followed their own proclamations. NEVER.
  There is no way for a centrist government in Washington, DC to demand of all America what they themselves will not abide. Continuing to do a thing that has failed over and over through decades, even centuries is the definition of insanity. And each day shows us the folly of subjugating ourselves to their insanity. From legislating speech to legislating behavior to trying to legislate nature itself. All the insanity of those who are bent upon controlling every facet of our lives, but refuse to follow their own laws and their own ideologies. They perceive their ideologies are for others to bow to them. Their followers blindly follow them enslaved to fear and without self determination of their own future. That is the definition of slavery. So why would their advocates blind them to truth?  Because it is their advocates preying upon them for their own profit and the approval of their masters. Just as the slave master's trustees. Truth is not in them. They do whatever they can to avoid truth becoming known. They are parasites upon the flesh of the planet and all mankind. They preach lies and deceit. They use confusion and double talk. Speaking the truth does not conform to their agenda, which is to subjugate all peoples to their rule. Their rhetoric never matches their actions, except when it involves violence and hatred against any who speak the truth opposing them. Centuries of lies, deceit, murder and destruction lay in their wake. Yet there are good folks, who are hoodwinked by decades, even centuries of indoctrination.
   Now it is come to the choice to be free for self determination, independent thought and speech. A restoring of self esteem and self worth. A time to be free of the over reaching of rulers, who have not your best interests at heart.
  I know not how far these leaches will go to keep their stranglehold on us all, but as Patrick Henry once said,
Is this the part of wise men engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation?  For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and to provide for it.
  Contrary to the propaganda, "Americans" of all races, creeds and color are AMERICANS. Every nation on the planet was once a nation of immigrants, refugees of wars and other natural threats that forced them to assimilate with others. That is the natural order. But I have more than once corrected others with prefix nationality, who are Americans, even my American Indian friends, that I am a native American. 6 or 7 generations removed from my ancestors. I am a Native American and proud of it. I fought with foreign enemies of all that is American, believing that I was fighting for my country righteously. Only to return to a country I did not recognize. The enemy had completed taking control of the infrastructure of our country without anyone standing up here at home. I and my brothers  an sisters had been in a shooting war with the same ideologues that took control of our nation without nary an American firing a single shot to stop them. And those folks have reaped their reward for not stopping the enemies of our country within our borders.
   We have reached a pivotal point in history. Perhaps a last chance to turn the tide politically. It will not be easy. They have used bullying, intimidation, murder and wars to subjugate nations to their will. They will not go quietly into the night like so many good folks have that allowed them to infest the world. I have to believe that Americans have the courage of conviction to weather the storm to save their/our nation. We are after all Americans.

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