There is a lot of talk these days about bullies and bullying. Most of the outrage comes from those who are guilty of bullying. The so-called journalist press. The major medias are set to a political and global agenda. Any opposing view must not be tolerated. So when there is a challenge to their view they go into full intimidation mode, fabricating facts, lying and attacking the individuals opposing their view.
If anything has become clear in this two year span is the attempt by the elitists through their Delphi organ, i.e. The Major Media, to control the dialogue and minds of America. The viciousness of the attacks should awaken America to the nature of those attacks. It is an example of bullying.
Our schools and institutions are supposed to be nurturing a liberal education based upon facts. They are not. Our so-called intelligentsia has become a festering plague of pseudo-intellects in our colleges and universities. Worse still most of our k through 12 teachers are merely behaviorists not academics. All of these institutions now obstruct any discussion or question that does not conform to their viewpoint by bullying students. True student inquiry and discussion that does not fit the view of the institution and it's pseudo-intelligentsia is punished. That is "Bullying."  Bullies suppress open discussion and force their view upon others. They use fabricated facts, misinformation and lies by omission upon students and the gullible.
Our major media, our schools and our institutions of higher education and our government are the most guilty of bullying our children, the general public and anyone who challenges their view of the world.

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