Let us be reminded that the Fascists were the National Socialist Parties of their respective countries. The Nazi were the uniting of the three most powerful unions in Germany into the National Socialist Party. The first attempted revolution of the communist/socialist movement was 1848's failed uprising that put most of the leaders on the run as fugitives to the Americas and some to exile in Australia. In 1860 many of Lincoln's ranking officers and many of the union soldiers were from that failed revolt in Europe. Then in 1904 with the control of Armenian Unions [the so-called Young Turks] the communist/socialist movement had it's first complete destruction of what was at the time the largest European country. The problem is that Americans are not allowed to view the so-called Holocaust intelligently. Most of the Aryan myth is associated with Hitler's eugenics and genocide views. Not respecting that most of his hierarchy and all of his scientists were Ashkenazim Jewish. His financial support was from the same Jewish bankers that financed then abandoned the German Czar in World War I. Fancy that. The Jews being exterminated were from the ghettos along with the gypsies and other ghetto dwellers. This was a historical practice by all rulers during times of war to conserve food and expense for troops and the leadership. Nothing new. Plus in 1995 the Curator of the Holocaust Museum in Israel confirmed the actual genocide was about 1.6 million not 6 million Jews. Neither has anything to do with reality. The Aryan myth continues today in a minority of pseudo-intellects. You'd probably foo foo me for telling you that the hierarchy of the Socialist/Communist movement are far more likely to believe the Aryan myth than even hardcore conservatives. Hillary is far more Fascist than Trump. Because to enforce Socialist/Communist ideology requires a Fascist-Gestapo force.

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