Anti-Gun Legislation & the 14th Ammendmant

April 6, 2013  Michael Turley

The one thing you learn when trying to pursue Common Law justice in the corporate state government's Admiralty Courts is that you have to play their game. Referring to the Constitutional limitations of government or the enumerated powers of government gets you no where in "their" adversarial courts. You have to tailor you litigation to their rules. Understanding that "Statute Law" and the UCC were created to hide the truth about the ending of Common Law in people's courts for government, corporate state courts, which are actually Admiralty Law.

That being said the way to attack any anti-gun legislation is with the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment passed in 1868 created a caste system in the United States to assure minority rule, thereby protecting the greatest minority; i.e. Elitists, from We The People. Thus the only way to protect WE THE PEOPLE from the unlawful dictates of the elitist, corporate state, establishment is to understand how to beat them at their own game. Hence, the 14th Amendment is the way to litigate against all anti-gun legislation. Because every Congress Person, Senator, the President,all heads of State Appointees, Every Bureaucratic Office, Every State Governor, every Celebrity, and all government offices, courts, Corporate Offices and even Malls are protected by armed guards. The Congress, Senate and President have body guards and the military. Therefore, denying the public at large the right to self defense is denial of Equal Protection under the law. Police are not at the heel of every citizen. To deny the individual the same weapons and right to self defense therefore becomes a denial of Equal Protection under the 14th Amendment. Tie that in with the enumerated powers of government and you have broken the nonsense legal argument of the criminals in DC and the idiots supporting them.

What the Congress persons today do not understand is that the Congress was never intended to MAKE LAWS. The Congress was specifically to represent WE THE PEOPLE to prevent laws being imposed upon WE THE PEOPLE.

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